Denis Arnst

Fixing Let’s Encrypt with custom Nginx rules on Plesk

When having expressions like this:

location ~ ^/(?:\.|include) {
    deny all;

All requests which start with a dot (.) or include get denied. As such the required .well-known folder used for the acme challenge by Let’s Encrypt gets denied too and Plesk is unable to renew certificates.

To solve it, it is possible to add (?!well-known) to every regex which is in conflict. However, it is easier to simply define a new location block on the very top of the configuration:

location ^~ /.well-known/acme-challenge/ {
    default_type “text/plain”;


Installing Pterodactyl for Plesk

Pterodactyl is a software for managing game servers. As it’s still in development, installing it in some environments is not straight-forward. You should read the official docs along. The guide is written for Plesk but could be helpful for other panel users like cPanel too.

EDIT (15. Mar 2018): Updated for Pterodactyl v0.7.6
EDIT (28. Jun 2018): Updated for Pterodactyl v0.7.7
EDIT (06. Mar 2019): Updated for Pterodactyl v0.7.13