Denis Arnst

Installing Pterodactyl for Plesk

Pterodactyl is a software for managing game servers. As it’s still in development, installing it in some environments is not straight-forward. You should read the official docs along. The guide is written for Plesk with CentOS but could be helpful for other panel users like cPanel too.

Originally published 9. Sep 2017
EDIT (7. Feb 2018): Fixed error thanks to samyratchet
EDIT (15. Mar 2018): Updated for Pterodactyl v0.7.6
EDIT (28. Jun 2018): Updated for Pterodactyl v0.7.7
EDIT (06. Mar 2019): Updated for Pterodactyl v0.7.13
EDIT (11. May 2020): Updated for Pterodactyl v0.7.17; Added screenshots
EDIT (6. Dec 2020): Updated for Pterodactyl v1.1.1; Use –user SystemD


Fixing Let’s Encrypt with custom Nginx rules on Plesk

When having expressions like this:

location ~ ^/(?:\.|include) {
    deny all;

All requests which start with a dot (.) or include get denied. As such the required .well-known folder used for the acme challenge by Let’s Encrypt gets denied too and Plesk is unable to renew certificates.

To solve it, it is possible to add (?!well-known) to every regex which is in conflict. However, it is easier to simply define a new location block on the very top of the configuration:

location ^~ /.well-known/acme-challenge/ {
    default_type “text/plain”;